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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your machine that have a number of uses. There are two types of cookies; session and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are used to remember you as you browse a website during your visit. When you have finished visiting the website the cookie is removed.

Persistent cookies are used to store information that stay on your machine for when you return to the website, this can make the experience more convenient such as not needing to login.

How does Saint John's Church website use cookies?

While you are visiting our website, cookies enable us to remember you. We use cookies that are strictly necessary to provide the functionality of the website and provide basic features. We also use cookies to improve your experience and performance of the website. It is important to remember we do not store any information about you or your personal details.

What cookies are stored on my machine by visiting this website?

AllowCookies We use this cookie to determine if you have opted-out of our persistent cookies. This cookie helps us to remember your choice without the need to ask you again.
ASP.NET_SessionId This is our session cookie that remembers you while you visit our website and does not contain any information about you. It is removed once your session has expired.
Google Analytics: __utma,
These cookies are used to improve the performance of our website by providing us with analytical data. It does not hold any information about you and can be disabled if you wish.

How do I opt-out of cookies?

If you do not want us to store any cookies which are not strictly necessary please use the Change your cookie settings in the footer.

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