What we believe

We believe that the local church is a loving community who seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, be inspired by the Holy Spirit, to worship God and pray together, to grow disciples, to share God’s love and hope, to care for each other and serve the community around us.


We believe that God has called us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people. We strive to be an outward-looking church, always looking for opportunities to move beyond the walls.

Fellowship and Pastoral Care

We believe in the Body of Christ, that together we are united in Him. Therefore we learn, play, laugh and weep together. When one of us is hurt, we all suffer. When one of us is joyful, we all celebrate. We strive to be better listeners than speakers.


We believe we were created to worship God in spirit and in truth. Not just in church services, but in all we do – at work, in our homes, in our community.


We believe that we should not only serve each other, but also care for our community and beyond through sacrificial servanthood and giving of ourselves – time, resources and money.


We believe that discipleship happens best in small groups but that biblical teaching forms the context. Therefore we meet in homegroups to seek God, study the bible, pray, support each other and have fun together.

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