Weddings at Saint John's Church

Welcome to our Parish wedding site and thank you for considering St John the Baptist's Church in the Parish of Rowland's Castle for your wedding. This information will also help you if you are considering a Thanksgiving Service or a Blessing of Marriage.

We hope that the information provided will encourage you and help you learn more about church weddings, particularly those at St John’s

We usually have about ten to twelve weddings a year in the parish; mainly during the months of April to September. The golden rule is to book early and to talk to us well in advance to avoid disappointment.

You will have many questions about marriage in the Church of England and then, in particular, about marriage in our Parish. To assist with this we have provided:

  1. firstly a link to the Church of England website on marriage which gives much information on what to expect including links to hymns, video etc
  2. secondly our own documents, all of which can be downloaded, which will give you information regarding marriages in our parish - click on the link to open the selected document in a new tab

Probably your main question is: Am I eligible to get married in your Parish? The quick answer is Yes for:

  • those who are resident in the Parish
  • those who are on the electoral role of the church
  • those who can demonstrate a ‘qualifying link’ with the Parish. More details about this can be found in the Information Pack and associated documents

If you are not sure if you live within the Parish boundary check here which allows you to check by postcode.

Contact us and/or telephone

Thank you for visiting this site and we pray that you experience the joy and hope of Christ as together you make this journey.

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