Christenings (Baptisms) at Saint John's Church

Welcome to our Christenings (Baptisms) site and thank you for considering St John the Baptist's Church in the Parish of Rowlands Castle for this important event for you or in your family’s life. This information will also help you if you are considering a Thanksgiving Service for the birth of a child, with Christening to come later in life.

Firstly there is no difference between Baptism and Christening. These days everyone is more used to using Christening, so we will use it too.

We hope that the information we provide here will encourage you and help you learn more about Christenings, particularly those at St John’s.

We usually have about ten to twenty Christenings a year and we like to have them as part of our normal Sunday Worship. However we know that Christenings are such an important family occasion that we normally plan for them to take place as a dedicated ceremony anytime from 12 noon onwards on the 2nd or 4th Sunday in the month.

But we are not limited to these days or times because we know that family circumstances vary so much. We are very flexible.

You will have many questions about Christenings in the Church of England and especially about Christenings at St Johns. To assist with this we have provided:

  1. a link to the Church of England website on Christenings which gives much information on what to expect
  2. documents, all of which can be downloaded, which will give you information about Christenings at St John's - click on the link to open the selected document in a new tab

The first thing we suggest is that you contact us and/or telephone and we can arrange to chat.

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